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The odds are against the Sea Beggar, because the closer she gets to completing her mission, the treacheries increase. There is a deadly faction of pirates broken off from the Spanish armada who also seek the treasure the Sea Beggar carries. The Sea Beggar crew must be wily to keep this faction guessing, so with the help of the Benedictine monks in Montserrat, Spain, they hide the treasure. Can these sea rovers finish what they started and return the treasure to its rightful owner?

Back in present day, after finding the treasure buried in secrets and sand for nearly 300 years, Macy discovers something more important--a sense of belonging. But her discovery does not stop there. She also finds that the legacy the lady pirate, Keary Dunbarton, left is her legacy as well, and this is the true treasure of the Sea Beggar

It's a great summer read, so jump-start your vacation with this high-impact pirate adventure!

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"Just when you believe there remains no adventure worth seeking, there appears upon the horizon the stout silhouette of the Sea Beggar, author Tracy Rud's stirring saga of lyrical larceny and love upon the high seas. As Rud so aptly pens, 'If we sail far enough, we will find our dreams.' Indeed, plus much, much more--pirates, both good and bad; and a king's ransom in treasure, both lost and found. Not even Cap'n Jack Sparrow could have spun a better yarn."
        --Jedwin Smith, author of FATAL TREASURE, and OUR BROTHER'S KEEPER

"Tracy Rud's Sea Beggar is an action-packed pirate story that alternates between present day and the early 1700s. It begins when Macy Macmillan, rebuilding her Gulf Coast home, stumbles across buried treasure in a Florida swamp. Scenes with Keary Dunbarton, raised a proper lady on a Caribbean island in home in 1719 follow. When Keary's beloved father, Alain Dunbarton, famed ship captain and privateer, is killed in a sea battle with pirates, Keary takes over his ship and his men and sets out to return the treasure to Spain. Different and daring, Sea Beggar is filled with near misses on the high seas and a tender romance, all cleverly sliced into present-day scenes with Macy in Florida and then with Keary, sword in hand, defending her precious Spanish cargo from pirates. So well written, you can taste the salt! Pirate fans will be asking for more from Tracy Rud."
        --Y. L. Harris, author of HINDU KUSH and THE VIGILANTE's BRIDE.

The Particulars...

Category: Adult Fiction, Mainstream Adventure, Romance, Piracy ISBN-13: 978-0-9819572-3-4
Format: 6 x 9 Deluxe Trade Paperback, 220 pages
Retail Price: $13.00 U.S.  $18.00 Canada
Publication Date: June 22, 2010


About the Book

The story begins in present day Florida Keys where Macy Macmillan
discovers buried treasure. Flashback to 1719 in the Caribbean when a group of privateers on the ship the Sea Beggar roved the seas. The Sea Beggar holds secrets--one being a female pirate. She and her crew rescue treasure from a group of pirates who plundered it--the same treasure Macy found. The Sea Beggar is now in a race to return the treasure to the Spanish Crown before she herself is pirated. But what of the secrets of the Sea Beggar and how is Macy Macmillan involved almost 300 years later?

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About the Author

Tracy has always been interested in spinning a yarn, from a good joke to a good adventure. Growing up on the New England coast and now spending as much time as possible on Cape Cod and the Florida coast, has provided many story backdrops, and fuels her fondness for pirates and tales of the sea.

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News and Events

Lots of news and much more to come.

  • Tracy has donated copies of her book to Books for Heroes, which provides books to American troops overseas.
  • Check out Book Browser, a wonderful book store on highway 92 in Woodstock, GA and purchase your copy of SEA BEGGAR!
  • If you are in Islamorada, Florida purchase your copy of SEA BEGGAR at Hooked on Books
  • See what readers are saying about SEA BEGGAR on Amazon. It's all good--add your review today!
  • Order books at Nightbird Publishing. If you live near Atlanta, Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur sells copies also.

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